Friday, November 20, 2015

Hyde Park Pattern

 Let's get going!
What you need:
2 Hyde Park Jellyrolls
1/2 yd. each of three green prints
1 1/4 yd. of another green print (Use for sashing rectangles, binding and one 2 1/2" strip.)

The block
Instructions for the 16 blocks:
Grab a purple, pink or blue strip and cut 16 - 2 1/2" squares.
Grab a light strip and cut 21 - 2 1/2" squares. (I stack my strips and cut a couple of them at a time.)

Nine-patch block
 Make 4 nine-patch blocks. If you have a 1/4" guide on your pressure foot, use it! It really helps make the piecing accurate.

Pick up a green strip from the jellyroll pack, and cut 4 - 2 1/2" x
6 1/2" lengths. Sew the block together as illustrated below.


Repeat for 16 blocks. Use the pink, purple and blue fabrics for these blocks. Each block is a 14" square. (finished) Save the brown prints for later.

Instructions for the Sashing:
 Cut 24 rectangles 6 1/2" x 14 1/2" from an assortment of your green prints.
 Cut 96 - 2 1/2" squares from the brown prints in your jellyroll strips. Draw a diagonal line on the reverse side of each square for the seam line. Align the square, right sides together, in a corner of the green print rectangle. Sew on the drawn line. Trim the excess leaving a 1/4" seam allowance. Repeat for all four corners.

Sew all 24 rectangles using the same method as explained above.

Grab your assorted brown strips and cut 36 - 2 1/2" squares.
Cut 45 - 2 1/2" squares from your light strips. Piece 9 nine-patch blocks. These are sewn into three strips with the sashing rectangles.

Refer to the very first picture and piece your quilt together!

Until later!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hyde Park

Hyde Park, our newest fabric line with Moda Fabrics, is on it's way to your local quilt shop!

Every time we do a fabric line I find some favorites. These sweet cross stitch borders are arranged on this print as a stripe. It's so reminiscent of those antique samplers we love. 

Hyde Park also has a sampler print done in several colorways. My favorite is this sweet pink print. I use these reproduction sampler prints over and over in my applique quilts. The letters add a great textural background to applique shapes, and remind me of the school work done by young women. (I did iron this...but doesn't look like I did a very good job.)

Barb and I got together and made this quilt from our Hyde Park fabric line right before quilt market. It only takes 2 jelly rolls, 1/2 yd. each of three green prints and 1 1/4 yd. of another green print which is used for the binding. The diagonal pattern movement of this scrappy quilt really captures your eye! The pattern is so easy and quick to sew, just 16 blocks plus the sashing. Look here, on the blog for the pattern this weekend.

Until later!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Apple Orchard

Quick update!

The second pattern in the Garden Club series will be available soon in your local shops. It was shipped out to the distributors on Friday.

I'm off to the warehouse now to ship out more orders! Such a beautiful day here....hope your weather is nice too.

Until later,


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Patterns

We have three new patterns. These will be shipped out on Monday and/or Tuesday to distributors. The first two are Reward of Merit patterns.

The third pattern pictured below begins our new Garden Club series.


Basket of Cherries

     Welcome to our Garden Club! You’re going to love belonging to our little sewing circle.  There are no offices to fill, and no elections to hold. So you will be able to sit back, stitch and enjoy yourself.

     In the next 12 months, our Garden Club series will reflect a cherished aspect of gardening. It might be a lovely basket of flowers, bees buzzing from flower to flower, or, like this month, an abundant harvest of cherries. In any case, you won’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty!

     On the back cover, you will find our Basket of Cherries made up as a pincushion. But if you’d rather, you can wait and stitch all 12 projects into one large sampler.

      One pattern will be released each month for a year. The picture above shows the front and back cover of the first pattern. All 12 pieces are stitched on 32ct. Weeks Dye Works linen. Each pattern uses a different color of linen. Basket of Cherries was stitched on 32ct. Cocoa. Each piece in the series is a 4" square.
On the back of the pattern cover you can note the first three samplers of the series sewn together.  


We've used different linens and sewn them together in some of our patterns before. Above is "Flea Market Souvenir". (This one is sold out.) After piecing quilts, I thought, why not do the same with linen?

 "Flea Market Souvenir" was a fun experiment. I embellished each seam with embroidery stitches that I hadn't done before. 

The piece above is the bonus patterns from a past Loose Feather's series. (This is sold out also.)

Each bonus pattern was sewn together to form a long sampler. We love the added texture and design of different linen colors.

We are stitching all of the Garden Club pieces together to form one large sampler. 

 The picture above shows Basket of Cherries sewn to the next two patterns in the series. 

Rather frame each individually? Certainly can do that too! They would be sweet grouped together on a wall. 

 Need a new pincushion? The pattern has instructions for this too!

The pincushion backing is pieced to add a bit of whimsy.

I'm sorry for the lack of posting this summer. I wish I had a good excuse.....but alas there is none. I've been visiting my daughter in Denver, riding my bike, playing the piano and visiting the beach. Hope you all have had a wonderful summer too!

Until later,


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Quick Update

Finally......I've just finished the pattern for the last Loose Feather in the Abecedarian Series. Wanted to give you a peek of them all together. The pattern will be shipped out to the distributors on May 12th, and should be in shops the following week.

Until later!


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Moda Blog Hop

Can you find me? I'm the queen of this hive. (The small blue dot on my head can help you locate me.) Alma and Barb have left me in charge of the blog today, and I'm just your "take charge" kind of gal. 

My workers have been busy coming and going from the hive. There has been plenty of nectar this spring for my workers to bring back to the hive and make into honey.

No quilts for us over the winter! My workers form a cluster around me and the brood, keeping us warm. As it gets colder, my workers begin to shiver. They vibrate their flight muscles to raise their body temperatures. The center of all this activity can get pretty warm....about 93 degrees F. When a worker gets cold she just moves into the center of the group to warm up.

 No wonder when spring comes we are all a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

Spring quilt market is rapidly approaching (May 15-17) and while my workers and I are busy with our "Garden Party," Alma and Barb have been planning a small party of their own. Since their new line of fabric "Hyde Park" will be shown to shop owners in July, they are going to take a working break.....and wouldn't I like one too! (After laying 2,000 eggs each day, believe you me, I'm ready to kick back a bit.)

 Barb and Alma are going to the beach the first week of May. (Above you can see the only beach we get to go to. As if the bird bath is even close to the same thing. Sometimes life just isn't fair!) They are going to have a "Plum Sweet" time. Alma says she will be posting from the beach letting everyone know what they are up to be sure to check back next week.

Hope you all have a "honey" of a time checking out our Moda friends today!

April Rosenthal 
Me & My Sister
AcornQuilt & Gift Company
Kate Spain

 Until later dear friends.....buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The queen

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Yellow Submarine

Guess what will be sailing your way? We now have an agreement with Sony ATV and can release this pattern. I'd have to say, the process of negotiating with Startling Music Ltd. and Sony ATV was very easy. I'm grateful to say the least. Dave and I were able to keep our house and car. (Just kidding!)
     Paul McCartney wrote this song and he made it a point to use short words and phrases when he wrote it. It was intended to be a fun children’s song with lyrics that kids could easily pick up. I think this piece would be very sweet in a child's room. Barb's vine along the top is perfect for ocean waves.

     I got the flu for Christmas. I wanted to post this earlier, but really, I could hardly drag myself out of bed. Luckily, I'm recovered and none of my kids got it from me! Although I wasn't much fun this year. Lots of hand washing and not much kissing during the holidays. Even though these pictures are late, I'm still sharing them with you. I took this platter to my friend's house for a luncheon and wanted to add a bit of color and thought, "Why not add ornaments for a bit of sparkle and panache." I washed the bulbs a bit (had to be careful as they are vintage) and added them randomly among the cookies.

     All of the recipes are from Sweet Paul - Winter 2014.

     Click the Magazine tab on his top menu, and it will take you to this issue. You can view it on-line for free....but I always purchase my copy from Anthropologie. His cookies were very tasty and looked spectacular. This issue seemed "all about making me look talented and creative." And I'm all about supporting anyone who makes me look good!  Thanks Paul!!!!

     Hope you are all staying well and warm. It's cold here today.

Until later dear friends,